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School Services

As well as specialist NextSense schools, we also support children with hearing loss in their mainstream schools.
Bilal, Keira and Himanshi playing with their friends in the school ground

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Our school services are designed to ensure your child has access to our high-quality curriculum in an inclusive environment. We support your child with listening and spoken language, Australian Sign Language (Auslan), and access to information, technology, and learning aids to ensure your child can achieve their goals either at one of our specialist schools or in mainstream schools.

Here's a list of our schools:

  • NextSense School Spoken Language Program K-6.
  • NextSense School Sign Bilingual Program K-6.
  • NextSense School Blind and Deafblind Program.
  • NextSense School support K-12.
A teacher teaching Auslan in a small group

NextSense Spoken Language Program K-6

NextSense School Spoken Language Program is for children who have a significant hearing loss and are learning to listen and speak. The program has a strong focus and reputation for quality, innovative teaching, and learning across all areas of the national curriculum, as well as the ongoing development of spoken language.

With a highly motivated and committed teaching team, this program nurtures and supports each student to reach their goals in an inclusive environment that encourages community participation in the classroom.

NextSense Sign Bilingual Program K-6

NextSense School Sign Bilingual Program is for children who use both Australian Sign Language (Auslan) and English in its written and spoken form.

The program has a strong reputation for achieving excellence in bilingual education and caters for the academic, social and cultural needs of children who are deaf or hard of hearing and use Auslan as their first language.

Underpinned by high-level English language acquisition, the bilingual program also delivers competency in written and spoken English.

NextSense Blind and Deafblind Program

NextSense School Blind and Deafblind Program is an inclusive and accessible program that delivers on the educational outcomes of the national curriculum. Your child will develop their sense of belonging and gain the confidence and knowledge to navigate life beyond school.

Our specialist, multidisciplinary team helps your child develop core life skills, across:

  • social interaction, communication and self-advocacy
  • decision-making
  • sensory efficiency
  • technology
  • orientation and independent mobility
  • braille literacy.

We'll also work closely with you, your child, and your family to ensure that you have the confidence, knowledge, and skills to support your child’s learning needs at home and in the community.

NextSense School Support K-12

NextSense School Support provides support for students who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind or have low vision in mainstream, independent schools. This support can include regular classroom visits, assessment and guidance on learning aids and assistive technologies in-person or via telepractice.

We also provide training and development for your child's teachers, working closely to equip them with the skills to make the classroom more inclusive and use assistive technologies to support your child's learning.

Jess shares how NextSense supported her to achieve her goals (Auslan interpreted) poster

If your child has hearing loss, NextSense Schools or School Support services can help them to achieve their goals in the classroom—and beyond. Use our contact form and select 'NextSense School and/or School Services' in the dropdown menu.

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