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Allied Health and therapy

We offer integrated allied health services, or therapy, for children and adults with hearing or vision loss.
Speech Therapy session

Therapy tailored for you

We provide a range of allied health services for children and adults with hearing or vision loss, including diagnosis, functional assessments, speech therapy, occupational therapy and more.

Here's a list of allied health services (therapies) available and what they do:


An audiologist helps you or your child get the best possible access to sound and speech through assistive listening devices, hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Speech pathology

A speech pathologist can work with you or your child to develop communication, language and literacy skills.


A physiotherapist helps your child with mobility—improved physical movement, coordination, agility and balance.

Occupational therapy

An occupational therapist helps your child improve everyday living activities, including working on coordination, posture, movements, and fine motor skills.


A psychologist assists you and/or your family throughout your journey, developing positive behaviour, and learning skills and helping with the transition into school and work.


An orthoptist can assist your child with functional vision and environmental assessments, resources and specialist equipment including low-vision aids and devices that are specific to your needs to gain the best possible visual function.

Who can access allied health services?

Our allied health services are available to people of all ages who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind or have low vision who access hearing or vision services at NextSense.

How are allied health services funded?

We can help you explore the funding and payment options that may be available to you.

As NextSense is a registered provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), eligible individuals and families may be able to use their NDIS funding towards allied health services.

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