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Accessibility and Inclusion

We help individuals, community groups, businesses and organisations that need to access printed materials in their choice of alternative format.
Mountbatten Brailler

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NextSense pioneered the production of computerised braille in Australia. With more than 100 years of joint expertise in alternative format publication within the team, and specialised equipment (embossers, PIAF machines, thermoform machines, 3D printers), we produce a high volume of documents and materials in accessible formats.

What alternative formats are available?

Our team can provide the following alternative formats for people who are blind or have low vision:

  • braille
  • large print
  • accessible electronic text including EPUB 3; and
  • 3D printed material, 2D tactile material and bold, large print graphics.

What can the NextSense team create?

Using stringent best practice guidelines and quality control measures, the highly experienced team at NextSense creates the following:

  • Educational support: books, exams and assessments, handouts, worksheets and learning resources.
  • Early learning support: book packs for pre-school literacy in braille, large print and dual media (large print and braille with tactile images).
  • Commercial support: menus, newsletters, AGM documents, manuals, conference documents, certificates, greeting cards, leisure reading and hobby books.
  • Tertiary material support for university students.

Who can benefit from this service?

The NextSense Accessibility and Inclusion service is for individuals, community groups, schools or organisations that require material in braille, large print, accessible E-text and 3D/2D tactile graphics.

We are a registered NDIS provider, and some people may be able to access our services through their NDIS funding.

Get in touch with our Client Care team who can provide you with more information.

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