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Meet our students

Our students are encouraged to be actively involved in a wide range of decisions about their school and their learning.

Within the classroom, ‘student agency’, or student-driven learning, enables students to be active participants in their learning journey, receiving and providing feedback on their learning, choice and direction.

Outside the classroom, students are provided with opportunities to be involved in activities that help others and seek to make the world a better place.

As students move towards the primary years, they can become active decision makers within their classrooms or leaders across the school.

Baneen, a student, smiles

We love NextSense School because teachers do fun things with us and we have lots of experiences.

— Baneen, Spoken Language Program K–6
Malik, a young student, folding his hands together and smiling

You should come to NextSense School because you can improve when you work hard. We learn new, fun things.

— Malik, Spoken Language Program K–6
Zahra, a student, laughs

I like meeting new friends and learn different technologies.

— Zahra, Blind and Deafblind Program

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