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To refer someone to NextSense, please fill out the form below. Contact us on 1300 581 391.
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NextSense is a not-for-profit and registered NDIS provider that provides dedicated, innovative, and customised services aimed at breaking down barriers for children, adults and families of people with hearing or vision loss.

Referring to NextSense is easy, and we always work with clients to achieve their personal potential.

NextSense provides cochlear implant services, education, allied health, therapy, early intervention, and diagnostic services for Australians with hearing or vision loss.

Who can I refer to NextSense?

You can refer anyone with hearing or vision loss who may be suitable for allied health and therapy services, education and early intervention, or cochlear implant and diagnostic services.

How quickly does NextSense respond to referrals?

We will contact your patient within 48 hours of receiving your referral to coordinate their care.

How do I refer patients?

There are three ways to refer patients to NextSense:

  1. Call us on: 1300 581 391.
  2. Fill in our website referral form below, or print and complete a referral form from the list below
  3. Ask your patient to contact us directly, letting us know that you referred them.

If you are referring a patient for a bulk-billed paediatric or adult hearing assessment, including for Cochlear Implant candidacy, we will need a GP referral to the Medical Director, NextSense.

Contact us if you would like referral pads to be sent out to your clinic, or if have any other referral enquiries.

Your patients are in good hands

  • Australia’s largest cochlear implant program, currently supporting over 4000 patients across Australia
  • 19 sites Australia-wide - see all our site locations.
  • Bulk-billed mapping and audiological support
  • 15 world-class adult and paediatric ear, nose and throat (ENT Surgeons)
  • Lifelong, quality services tailored to meet individual needs
  • 160 years of experience.

How are we different from other providers?

  • We provide service for all ages.
  • We support a range of developmental needs and support you in your own communication preferences and needs.
  • Every person’s journey is unique, and we work with you to develop a program that supports your stage of the journey.
  • Our network of connections such as family counsellors and support workers provide holistic care.
  • Our specialist education including schools and programs for socialisation and development are critical to your journey.
  • We offer a range of early intervention services including diagnostic testing for complexities and device fitting.
  • We provide therapy and allied health services for people with hearing and vision loss.
  • We provide world-leading programs for implantable hearing solutions like cochlear implants and bone conduction implantable devices, and offer remote mapping services.
  • Our services are integrated. Our teams work comprehensively to manage each client’s specific needs.
  • Cochlear implant related audiological services are bulk-billed.
  • Paediatric audiology assessment services are provided on a fee-for-service basis. Under some circumstances an assessment may be bulk-billed. To find out if your child is eligible for bulk-billing, please contact our client care team on 1300 581 391.
  • Adult and pediatric services are available, and we provide services right across Australia.
  • We offer language interpreters.
  • We conduct outreach services to rural and country areas.

Referring yourself or a family member

If you would like to refer yourself or a family member to us, give our Client Care team a call on 1300 581 391 (Monday to Friday), or use our Contact form.

You may wish to talk with your GP about the best services for you. All audiological services require a GP referral which is to be made out to the Medical Director, NextSense.

If you are in Victoria, please make your referral to Mr Markus Dahm, FRACS, PhD, MD.

We can help guide you in this process.

Referral forms to download

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For valid Medicare referrals please ensure a signed referral is uploaded including the doctor’s name, provider number and signature.

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For valid Medicare referrals please ensure a signed referral is uploaded including the doctor’s Name, provider number and signature.

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