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Cochlear implants for children and teenagers

Help kids and teens connect with the world around them.
Bilal - cochlear implant and hearing aid

Support for children and teenagers

From the time your child starts school, they are developing independence, new social connections, and their own view of the world. A cochlear implant helps your child or teenager to access educational opportunities and make the most of every day.

Sometimes, children can begin to lose their hearing later in childhood, and into their teens. During this time, they are experiencing a time of rapid learning, growth and change.

A cochlear implant can:

  • Increase listening and language skills
  • Assist them in accessing educational materials and curriculum in the classroom
  • Help them build social connections and interact with the world around them
  • Help them develop critical life skills and the confidence to approach new challenges.

We understand that as a parent, guardian or caregiver, a decision that involves your child’s health is never made lightly, and that’s why we're with you and your family, from the very beginning.

Every family is different and whether a cochlear implant is suited to your child will depend on the type of hearing loss, your family needs and your wishes for their future.

We'll only suggest a cochlear implant for your child when we have determined that it can achieve the best possible outcomes, and that an implant aligns with your family’s goals and wishes.

Through consultation with experts, meeting other families who have received cochlear implants, and taking part in information sessions, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions about costs, additional services and discuss your concerns.

Ultimately, the decision is yours and we support whatever decision you make for your child. If you decide not to proceed with a cochlear implant, we'll continue to support you and your child with the right mix of hearing and communication services to support their needs.

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Your journey with cochlear implants

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