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Welcome to NextSense

NextSense is the new brand and name that unites the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) and our group of services, including SCIC, Taralye, schools, and the Renwick Centre.
A photo of a young boy, a adolescent girl and an elderly man on a green background with the words 'RIDBC is now NextSense' written beside it

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  • Vision
  • Hearing

Be assured that everything that has made us so successful in the past isn't going away. We're simply looking at how we can do more for people with hearing and vision loss, now and for generations to come.

Firstly, why rebrand?

As RIDBC grew and expanded to support people of all ages, our name didn’t tell the full story anymore. We needed a name that could take us into the next 160 years.

So, RIDBC and all its services have become NextSense—to better reflect the organisation we are today and the organisation we’ll be in the future.

A new brand for all our services—with one name—means it will be easier for people to find us and understand what we do, which will make it easier for us to do more for those who need us.

It’s an exciting opportunity to build a bigger platform to reach more people, professionals and supporters—to connect to more people than ever before.

We’re looking forward to expanding our ever-growing community to take our services and knowledge further.

Why NextSense?

Next signals our ongoing commitment to innovation at every level of service. We're here to break down barriers, and work with our clients and their families to achieve whatever they want to.

And Sense embraces not only both hearing and vision, but the intelligence, empathy and understanding it takes to enhance the future.

So, the name might be new, but NextSense represents everything we've always been. NextSense speaks to the people we support, the dedicated members of our team, our valued partners and supporters, the community, and our commitment to innovation, and our future-focus.

What’s changing?

We’re changing our logo, our look and feel, and we’ve launched our redefined purpose and ambition as NextSense.

But what matters most won’t change

Our clients will still get everything they need from us, and more. Our services won’t change. Our people won’t change. Our dedication and commitment won’t change. We’ll continue to:

  • be the organisation and service you trust
  • remain focused on what makes us who we are
  • put our clients first
  • continue to push ourselves to go further, think big and better the experience
  • be committed to research and professional development
  • maintain our strong partnerships.

Find out more information or watch the NextSense video.

Together, we’ll redefine what’s possible.

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