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NextSense is the new brand and name for Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) and its services, including SCIC, Taralye, schools, the Renwick Centre.
Aydan and Bilal - cochlear implant and hearing aid

Who we are

You can’t be around for over 160 years without evolving.

But the name RIDBC didn't tell the full story anymore. We needed a name that could take us into the next 160 years and a brand that could speak to everyone. We are now NextSense.

NextSense is a not-for-profit organisation supporting people who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind or have low vision. With the support of generous donations, we deliver world-class education, cochlear implants, allied health, therapy, research and clinical services to adults, children and families across Australia.

Questions and answers

We understand that you might have many questions, so we’ve put together some answers below.

Will this rebrand change my services with RIDBC?

No. Everything that has made us so successful in the past isn’t going away. We’re simply looking at ways to make it easier for you to navigate our services.

And one thing will always remain the same—our commitment to you and making sure we’re lifting the limits on what’s possible for people with hearing or vision loss.

Will my clinician still be available?

Yes. Your usual clinician and services won’t change. Our people won’t change. Nor will our locations. Our dedication, and how we do what we do, won’t change.

Why are you rebranding?

RIDBC and all its services became NextSense to better reflect the organisation we are today and the organisation we will be in the future. NextSense is a name that unites all parts of our organisation—RIDBC, SCIC, schools, the Renwick Centre, Taralye, and the many historical brands that have become part of our family over the years.

A new brand for all our services—with one name—means it will be easier for people to find us and understand what we do, which will make it easier for us to do more for those who need us.

Our new brand is an exciting opportunity to build a bigger platform to reach more current and future clients, professionals and supporters—to connect to more people than ever before. We are looking forward to expanding our ever-growing community to take our services and knowledge further.

What do I need to do?

You don’t need to do anything. Your services will remain unchanged. So please keep any appointments you might have, and continue to attend any professional education you’re engaged in.

You can continue to support us, and if you sign up to our e-news, be aware that the name of the e-news will change—but it is still us. If you follow one of our social media channels or visit our website, they will change over to NextSense too. But please keep following us and keep supporting us. There’s lots to see and learn about our new brand, so take a look through this website. You could even share news of the rebrand from RIDBC to NextSense with friends and colleagues.

How does this rebrand benefit me?

You will experience a simpler path to our services. You will hear from us in a simpler way. You may have more access to services, and we’ll reach more people than ever before.

What exactly is changing? And why now?

NextSense is the new name for RIDBC and all its services: SCIC, Taralye, our schools, the Renwick Centre and many other names and brands of which we’ve been the privileged custodians.

We’re changing our logo, our look and feel, as well as the way different parts of our organisation sit under a wider brand. But be assured that everything that has made us so successful in the past isn’t going away. We’re simply looking at how we can make it simpler for people to access our services.

What more do I need to know?

How you interact with your usual points of contact won’t change. You’ll still be phoning the same number, and talking to the same person, they’ll just be answering the phone differently.

Will the RIDBC (or SCIC, Taralye, Renwick Centre or schools) I know be lost?

While a lot of things are certainly changing, we remain focused on what makes us who we are—which will always be at the core of everything we do. We remain committed to putting you first, our dedicated people, our proactive approach, our character and integrity, and to leading the way. The heritage of the brands we have had the privilege of being the custodians of, will not be lost.

Our heritage is a part of who we are. We’ll acknowledge and respect our heritage, always.

What does NextSense promise to do?

NextSense promises to make it easier for people to find us, and for people to understand and navigate the services we offer. Most importantly, NextSense promises to strive further to lift the limits of what’s possible for all the communities we support. Today, and always.

What services does NextSense offer?

NextSense is a not-for-profit organisation supporting people who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind or have low vision across Australia for over 160 years.

With the support of generous donations, NextSense provides vital support for children and adults, more cochlear implants than any other service in Australia, and is a world leader for research, technology and professional education in our field.

Our hearing services for all ages offer a holistic approach to hearing loss. Services include:

Our vision services support children to explore their world through:

NextSense Institute is Australia’s leading centre for research and professional education in the field of sensory disability, providing postgraduate qualifications and continuing professional education.

What will make this new organisation different?

We’re for everyone, right across Australia. You’ll be able to find all our services under the one brand. We’ll make it easier for you to find us, and easier for you to understand all the services and support we can offer.

We pride ourselves on collaborating with families, building relationships, and supporting a whole community.

And we’ve been providing services since 1860. We deliver Australia’s largest cochlear implant program and our wide range of experts work as a team to create a program of care unique to you. We’re also not for profit and we partner with you on your NDIS journey.

Why did you choose the name NextSense?

We needed was a name that would tell the full story of who are are—one company, one purpose, one brand, with so many ways to help people with hearing or vision loss.

Next signals our ongoing commitment to innovation at every level of service. We’re here to break down barriers, and help our clients, their families, and the community achieve whatever they want to do next.

And Sense embraces not only both hearing and vision, but the intelligence, empathy and understanding it takes to enhance the future for you.

So, the name might be new, but NextSense represents everything we’ve always been. NextSense speaks to the people we support, the dedicated members of our team, our commitment to innovation, and a focus set squarely on the future.

How was the logo and identity created?

A thorough research process was conducted over several years to determine that this was the right move for RIDBC and its group of services. The logo and identity were created in consultation with a specialist brand agency. The brand and identity were developed, tested and assessed with many different people, including clients, industry stakeholders, staff and current and future supporters.

Where do I find out more?

If you’d like to find out more about our rebrand, and this page doesn’t cover it all, please reach out to our Client Care team and they’ll be able to help you. You can also get in touch with any of the people you usually speak with or have contact with, for further information about our rebrand and what else we can offer that may be of benefit to you.

How can I be a part of NextSense?

There are lots of ways to get involved with NextSense. Spend some time on our website—perhaps you’ll find a role that interests you or perhaps you’re looking for an organisation to support financially.


Whether it’s a fun run, a BBQ, mufti day or garage sale—your imagination’s the limit when it comes to how you, your school, club, community or workplace can fundraise for NextSense. Plus, it’s a great way to bring people together for a good cause.

Leave a gift in your will

Bequests are one of the significant ways NextSense can plan ahead and continue to provide our vital services. If you would like to leave a gift in your will—big or small—or donate in memory of a loved one, please contact us.

Lantern Clubs

Lantern clubs are a collective of enthusiastic, fun-loving and committed volunteers who fundraise for NextSense and raise awareness for alternate format publications, tactile and braille resources for children across Australia. If you’re looking to get involved, why not check if there’s a lantern club near you?

Corporate partnerships

We love to partner with businesses. Your company can adopt NextSense as its charity of choice, make tax-effective donations, give through your payroll system or by partnering with us to provide very special initiatives in your name. We are always looking to partner with companies that will get the most out of working with us.

Beyond donating, there are many ways to get involved with NextSense and support the life-changing work we do.


You can put your time or skills towards a good cause if you’re looking to gain some experience in the charity sector or to take on a new challenge. Or join a parent’s group—a community of people who have an idea of what it’s like to learn your child has hearing or vision loss.

If you’d like to find out more about being part of NextSense, contact our Client Care team.

Did we miss anything?

If you have any further questions, please reach out to your local specialist or practitioner, or send your questions to us via our contact form.

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