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Auslan Tutor: Key Signs

With Key Signs, you can communicate 150 common Auslan signs, using a streamlined version of the full Auslan Tutor app.
Auslan tutor key signs

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Learn how to communicate 150 common Auslan signs, such as, “please”, “thanks” and “how are you?”. Each sign is clearly presented, with a photo of the handshape used to form the sign and a video clip demonstrating how the sign is produced.

The app also includes the Auslan alphabet, so you can learn how to fingerspell and sign the numbers 0-10.

Auslan Tutor: Key Signs was developed by staff at NextSense, in consultation with expert Auslan users.

Auslan Tutor (full version)

For a more comprehensive understanding of Auslan, you can download the full version of Auslan Tutor for the iPhone and iPod touch. More than 500 Auslan signs are included, each with five corresponding entries. These five entries are:

  • a photo of the handshape used to form the sign
  • a video clip demonstrating the single sign
  • a video clip of the sign used in a phrase
  • a video clip of the phrase used in a sentence
  • a text note about Auslan grammar that is pertinent to the sign, phrase or sentence.

Auslan Tutor 2

The NextSense app team are currently working on a new version of Auslan Tutor.

Auslan Tutor 2 will be released shortly; if you’re interested in receiving updates about the app, please fill in the Expression of Interest form on the app page.

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