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Auslan Tutor 2

Auslan Tutor 2 features an online library of over 400 useful signs and fun phrases to go with each sign.
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Do you want to start learning Australian Sign Language—Auslan?

Auslan Tutor 2 (or AT2) is a video-based teaching application developed by NextSense experts to assist you in learning the language Auslan. Designed for all levels of proficiency, Auslan Tutor 2 can help children, adults, families, students, and teachers to learn and develop Auslan language skills.

The Auslan Tutor 2 app is free to download. After registration you will be gifted your first pack of more than 199 signs for free. Build on your sign library by purchasing additional packs/content via in-app purchases.

Auslan Tutor 2 is currently available on the Apple App Store—and we hope to have it ready for Android devices via the Google Play store later in 2022.

New and improved content

Auslan Tutor 2 is the new and improved version of Auslan Tutor.

Its key features include:

  • the ability to keep track of signs you have learned or want to learn
  • a better searching mechanism (by hand shape)
  • up-to-date key signs (COVID signs, specific behaviours, descriptive words, mathematics, etc)
  • streaming capability (which will save the app taking up storage on your device)
  • a ‘Sign of the Day’ feature on startup
  • additional data about each sign (hand shape, usage location, body location, etc)
  • mproved cloud database for more up-to-date signs
  • improved switching between phrase and sign videos
  • 180-degree sign view.

Grow your library—purchase sign packs

Once you have downloaded the free Auslan Tutor 2 app, it is time to grow your library and knowledge by adding signs and customising what you want to learn. Visit the shop section of the app to see a list of sign packs available to download via in-app purchases.

Each pack contains new signs and phrases that will help you expand your knowledge of the language. Be sure to regularly check the shop page to keep up to date with the latest exciting packs and features.

Key Signs 1 (free pack)

Key Signs 1 is available to those who register their details. It contains 109 words and supporting phrases to get started with learning Auslan. The pack includes all the signs listed here.

Key Signs 2

Key Signs 2 extends the basic signs. It contains 136 words and supporting phrases. The pack includes all the signs listed here.

Key Signs 3

Key Signs 3 further expands on the basic signs. It contains 189 words and supporting phrases. The pack includes all the signs listed here.

Baby Signs

The Baby Signs pack is designed specifically for users with young children or babies. The pack contains signs that are generally adopted by young children and babies early in their development. Signs are based around common objects and terms used in a child’s everyday life. It contains 79 words and supporting phrases. The pack includes all the signs listed here.

Key Signs 4

This pack further extends the three former Key Signs packs. It contains 128 words and supporting phrases. The pack includes all the signs listed here.

Auslan Tutor

When we created Auslan Tutor 2, we wanted to include all the amazing content featured in our previous app. The Auslan Tutor pack contains 449 words and 471 supporting phrases for your Auslan library of signs. Access all the signs developed in 2010, featuring performer, director, and Auslan interpreter, Alex Jones, while gaining the benefit of the new app’s features, including learning, filtering, and searching. The pack includes all the signs listed here.

Signs and Sounds

In 2016 we developed an app called Listen and Learn that features dynamic illustrations of popular Australian objects and their sounds to help hearing children recognise different sounds. In July 2022, we will release a new pack that will teach you how to sign all these great illustrations in Auslan. Grow our sign library with a pack of illustrated videos of Australian animals, musical instruments, emergency vehicles, and more. This pack features Kellie, a teacher at the NextSense Sign Bilingual School, who fingerspells and signs each illustration. It contains 108 words to add to your Auslan library of signs. The pack includes all the signs listed here.

More packs coming soon…

  • Describing Words
  • Behaviors and Feelings
  • Health and Body

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