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Auslan Tutor 2

Auslan Tutor 2 features an online library of over 400 useful signs and fun phrases to go with each sign.
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Auslan Tutor 2 is a video-based Australian Sign Language (Auslan) teaching application developed by language and technology experts at NextSense that caters to all levels of proficiency. It is a new and greatly improved version of Auslan Tutor 1, which was designed to assist children, adults, families, students and teachers in learning Auslan.

Its key new features include:

  • new signs
  • the ability to keep track of signs you have learned or want to learn
  • better searching mechanism (by hand shape)
  • up-to-date key signs (COVID signs, specific behaviours, descriptive words, mathematics, etc)
  • streaming capability (which will save the app taking up storage on your device)
  • a ‘Sign of the Day’
  • additional data about each sign (hand shape, type of movement, body location, etc).

Auslan Tutor 2 is currently available on the Apple App Store—and we hope to have it ready for Android devices, on the Google Play store, in early 2022!

Auslan Tutor 2 will be free to download and you will get your first pack free. Additional packs/content will be available via in-app purchases.

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