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Auslan Tutor 2

The Auslan Tutor 2 app features an online library of over 1,400 useful signs and unique phrases.
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Start learning Auslan—today

Auslan Tutor 2 (or AT2) is a video-based teaching application developed by NextSense experts to assist you in learning the language Auslan. Why wait? Download AT2 for free to start learning today.

AT2 is:

  1. Designed for all levels of proficiency and can help children, adults, families, students, and teachers to learn and develop Auslan language skills
  2. Available on iOS and Android
  3. Free to download, and once you register you get your first pack of more than 199 commonly used signs for free
  4. Designed so you can expand your learning by building out your library of additional Auslan signs for a small cost (from $1.49 to $4.49) for each pack.

A peek into new Auslan Tutor 2 features

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New additions

  • Key Signs 4
  • Behaviours and Feelings pack
  • Health and Body pack

New features

  • ‘Learn’ section to test your sign knowledge
  • The ability to keep track of the signs you’ve learned and want to learn
  • Maintain a list of your favourite signs
  • Control video speed and viewpoints of signs to learn in slow motion and at different angles.

What’s included in AT2

Key Signs 1 is available free for all app users who register their details. All other packs are available from the shop within the app for a small cost, ranging from $1.49 to $4.49 each.

  • Key Signs 1: Contains 109 words and supporting phrases.
  • Key Signs 2: Contains 136 words and supporting phrases.
  • Key Signs 3: Contains 189 words and supporting phrases.
  • Key Signs 4: Contains 128 words and supporting phrases.
  • Behaviours and Feelings: Contains 49 words and supporting phrases.
  • Health, Body and Fitness: Contains 158 words and supporting phrases.
  • Baby Signs: Contains 79 words and supporting phrases, based on common objects and terms used in a child’s everyday life. This pack is for users with babies and young children.
  • Auslan Tutor (AT1): You get all content developed and featured in AT1 with all the features in AT2, such as learning, filtering, and searching. It contains 449 words and 471 supporting phrases.

More packs coming soon

Signs and Sounds: 108 signs

Describing Words: 90 signs

Storytelling: 190 signs.

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