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Auslan Tutor 2

The new Auslan Tutor app from NextSense will be available soon for free on the Apple App Store. It features an online library of over 500 useful signs and fun phrases to go with each sign.
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Auslan Tutor 2 is a video-based Australian Sign Language (Auslan) teaching application developed by language and technology experts at NextSense that caters to all levels of proficiency. It is a new and greatly improved version of Auslan Tutor 1, which was designed to assist children, adults, families, students and teachers in learning Auslan.

Its key new features include:

  • new signs
  • the ability to keep track of signs you have learned or want to learn
  • better searching mechanism (by hand shape)
  • up-to-date key signs (COVID signs, specific behaviours, descriptive words, mathematics, etc)
  • streaming capability (which will save the app taking up storage on your device)
  • 180-degree videos to see a sign from multiple angles
  • a ‘Sign of the Day’
  • additional data about each sign (hand shape, type of movement, body location, etc).

Auslan Tutor 2 will be released shortly; if you’re interested in receiving updates about the app, please fill in the Expression of Interest form below.

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