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Collaborations and projects

NextSense collaborates with partners around the world on cutting-edge research projects to redefine what's possible for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Research is a vital arm of NextSense Institute

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At NextSense, our team collaborates closely with research partners from leading universities, hearing and health organisations, and hospitals.

We welcome new opportunities to work with interested research partners who are committed to improving the quality of life for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. If you're interested in a collaborative opportunity with NextSense, get in touch with us.

Submit a research proposal

Our Research Governance Committee meets regularly to review all submitted research proposals. Applications may be lodged at any time. Please submit your research proposal to

We have a duty of care for individuals and families who take part in our research studies. To maintain this, prospective projects are subject to approval by our Research Governance Committee.

Cochlear Implant Neurotrophin Gene Therapy Trial

A research project currently being undertaken by leading professionals in the field of hearing health, including our own NextSense team members, is the Cochlear Implant Neurotrophin Gene Therapy Trial.

This trial evaluates the safety and efficacy of neurotrophin gene therapy delivered during cochlear implant surgery.

The Cochlear Implant Neurotrophin Gene Therapy Trial (CINGT) comes from extensive studies in animals that showed improvement in performance of cochlear implants when auditory nerve fibres were re-grown towards the implant electrode array.

This is done by delivering small molecules (neurotrophic factors) that enhance the growth and survival potential of neurons to targeted cells in the hearing organ (the cochlea).

To find out more about this project, including personnel involved and relevant publications, visit the Cochlear Implant Neurotrophin Gene Therapy Trial (CINGT) website.

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