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Timely Topics in Deaf Education

This series of webinars provided advice about children with unilateral hearing loss, additional disability and audiological devices.
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This is a unique opportunity to engage in learning and discussions with Elizabeth!

Session 1 – Unilateral hearing loss in children, Part 1

Children with unilateral hearing loss are increasing identified in infancy and early childhood, essentially representing a ‘new population’ of children who require support. This session will provide participants with a description of the prevalence and epidemiologic characteristics of children with unilateral hearing loss. Participants will also learn about changes in hearing over time including changes that result in bilateral hearing loss. They will also learn about audiological intervention for children with unilateral loss, outcomes, and some of the challenges related to amplification

Session 2 – Unilateral hearing loss in children, Part II

Children with unilateral hearing loss are at risk for difficulties in early communication development and academic functioning. This session will provide participants with a brief overview of historical results in children with unilateral loss and provide up-to-date information about developmental outcomes in multiple areas for preschool and school-aged children. Participants will gain an understanding of current expectations for these children. They will learn about current practices and recommendations for supporting children with unilateral hearing loss including what is important from the perspective of parents.

Session 3 – Children with additional disabilities

Most children with hearing loss who benefit from early detection can develop communication skills similar to their peers with normal hearing. However, a substantial proportion of children present with hearing loss also have complex medical and developmental needs which may disrupt typical development of communication skills. In this session, participants will become familiar with research on children with developmental needs. They will learn about outcomes in auditory development for different subgroups of children and about the benefits of hearing technology, particularly cochlear implants, from parents’ perspectives.

Session 4 – Hearing aid use in children

One of the most important tools for children with hearing loss is hearing technology. However, recent studies have highlighted the challenges of consistent hearing aid use in young children. This session will provide participants with a summary of evidence-based information on the amount of hearing aid use in children from several recent studies and from audiology clinical hearing aid datalogging records. Participants will also learn about the factors that appear to affect hearing aid use from the audiology literature and from the perspective of audiologists and therapists working with children and families.

Session 5 – Decision-making in cochlear implantation for children with residual hearing

Over time, the benefits in pediatric cochlear implantation for children with severe to profound hearing loss have resulted in the expansion of candidacy criteria to include children with more residual hearing. However, decision-making for parents continues to be difficult for this particular group of children because these children hear with their hearing aids. Based on a clinical study and recent systematic reviews, this session will provide participants with a synthesis of the risks and benefits for children with residual hearing from the current literature. Participants will also learn about the issues clinicians on cochlear implant teams view as important in working with the families of these children and their perceptions of the unknowns in guiding decision-making. Finally, they will also hear from parents what considerations are important when faced with the decision to implant their child with residual hearing.

This event has been accredited by the AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language for 5 CEUs. Complete the survey at the end of the course to gain the CEU request form.



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