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Timely topics in blindness and low vision

This series of online lectures provides a deep dive in to a range of topics about blindness and low vision.
Our Orthoptist in therapy session with a child

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This series of online lectures provides a deep dive in to a range of topics about blindness and low vision.

Session 1 The basic eye examination

This presentation will provide an overview of the basic eye examination. We will discuss who needs an eye examination and how eye examinations can be accessed. We will also look at the professionals involved and their roles. The typical basic eye examination will be explored and we will touch on how the information that appears in eye reports can be interpreted.

Session 2 The advanced eye examination

This presentation will address when it becomes necessary for a person to undergo an advanced eye examination, and how the basic eye examination is extended to reveal essential clinical information that is used for diagnosis, management and advice to families.

Session 3 Clinical VS functional vision and assessment

People are often familiar with the clinical assessment of vision but perhaps don’t understand the importance of knowing how a person with low vision choses to use their vision. This presentation will explore functional vision and assessment; help identify the factors that impact on continuous use of vision; and support strategies that can be applied to education and everyday situations.

Session 4 The impact of blindness and low vision

Understanding the information in a clinical eye report is vital however eye reports often don’t address the actual impact from blindness/low vision. This presentation will address the key developmental, physical and environmental impacts experienced by people with blindness/ low vision. Strategies that can be implemented to minimise these impacts on the person’s functional vision will also be explored.

Session 5 Optic atrophy and optic nerve hypoplasia

This presentation will explore two common eye conditions related to blindness/ low vision – optic atrophy and optic nerve hypoplasia. The clinical findings, management and functional impact of these conditions will be discussed.

Session 6 Brain injury and blindness/low vision

When blindness/low vision is considered we often think that the person is likely to have eye problems – this may be the case but we also should be aware of the association between blindness/low vision and brain injury. Brain injury many occur at birth leading to congenital blindness/low vision, or be acquired as an outcome of events such as disease and trauma. This presentation will explore the link between blindness/low vision and brain injury, and highlight common conditions, the impact they have and management strategies