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Speech Pathology Masterclass Series 2024

This six episode series will cover a range of topics for speech pathologists.
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Key Details

Masterclass Series
Course Code
Start Date
8 May 2024
4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Course Information

Session 1: Oral musculature assessment – what to look for if you suspect dysarthria or apraxia

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Oral Musculature assessments are a key component of differential diagnosis of moderate – profound speech disorders but speech pathologists are often unsure of what they are looking for when they do one, or even how to do one. This session will go through

  • the components of an OMA,
  • how to observe and elicit differences in structure and function of the speech mechanism,
  • discuss key signs of dysarthria, velopharyngeal incompetence and childhood apraxia of speech
  • consider how children with different disorders perform in tasks of DDK

Tips and tricks will be provided to help you develop your skills in completing an effective and efficient OMA.

Session 2: Tests, tasks or samples – how to get the most out of an assessment of child speech

4-5:30pm AEST Wednesday 8 May 2024

Content coming!

Session 3: Differential diagnosis – does this child have dysarthria, apraxia, phonology or something else?

4-5:30pm AEST Wednesday 31 July 2024

Content coming!

Session 4: Dynamic Temporal and Tactile cueing (DTTC) – speech treatment for children with little or no speech

4-5:30pm AEST Wednesday 18 September 2024

Content coming!

Session 5: Rapid Syllable Transition Treatment (ReST)

4-5:30pm AEDT Wednesday 30 October 2024

Content coming!

Session 6: To be Confirmed

4-5:30pm AEDT Wednesday 4 December 2024

Content coming!



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