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Raised Maths Workshops

These two 2 hour presentations will describe the reasons for producing tactile forms of mathematical texts.
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NextSense, in collaboration with the Raised Mathematics Project and ICEVI, invite you to two, 2-hour presentations by members of the Raised Mathematics Project Consortium on 27th and 28th September 2022.

The Raised Mathematics Project works on the automated conversion of mathematical content into accessible formats. The Raised Mathematics Project is a consortium of researchers from the USA and Europe. One goal is to provide an easy to use, fully automated workflow for the transcription of mathematical textbooks for electronic formats (in particular, PreTeXt and LaTeX) into tactile Braille.

High quality automated transcription of mathematical texts, including graphics, into tactile form is an open problem. These two 2 hour online presentations will describe the reasons for producing tactile forms of mathematical texts. We will describe common challenges involved in transcription, and progress made to date. We make the case that semantically rich source files are needed to produce adequate tactile and audio-tactile forms of scientific materials.

You can learn more about the project here:

Day 1: Math Braille (27 September)

Day 2: Tactile Diagrams (28 September)

Times on both days:

11am UTC

9pm Sydney

7am New York

12pm London

1pm Johannesburg

These two presentations are free of charge. There are 490 seats for the live online event. All additional registrations will be provided with the recording 7-10 days after the live event.


There are currently no tickets available.

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