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Dr Robyn Cantle Moore

Robyn Cantle-Moore

Robyn Cantle Moore has more than 30 years’ experience as an educator in the fields of hearing loss and sensory disability.

Since joining NextSense Institute, Robyn has held appointments including: Conjoint Lecturer (Macquarie University, University of Newcastle), Research Fellow NextSense Institute), Senior Teacher of the Deaf / Consultant, NextSense Early Learning Program, and Specialist consultant, NextSense assessment and resource Team.

As an academic Robyn’s current responsibilities centre on lecturing in the areas of paediatric language development, research, and family collaborative approaches to early childhood intervention for sensory disability (hearing and vision).


Phone number
(02) 9872 0204


  • Currently conducting a multifaceted program of research defining clinical and educational use of the Infant Monitor of vocal Production (IMP / eIMP online), (Cantle Moore, 2004, 2014; Cantle Moore & Colyvas, 2018)
  • Early assessment of infant populations at risk for speech delay (deaf/HH; cerebral palsy; childhood apraxia of speech)
  • The role of the Infant Monitor of vocal Production in differential diagnosis
  • Monitoring auditory-vocal progress in infants with hearing loss and features of auditory neuropathy (ANSD)
  • Examining the effect of unilateral hearing loss on infant vocal development
  • Translation and cultural validation of eIMP into other languages (eIMP Online project)
  • Continuing investigations into features of the everyday "auditory diet" of paediatric hearing aid users and cochlear implant recipients (SSD, BHL) using Language Environment Analysis (LENA).