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Hearing Device Manufacturers Masterclass Series

This series invites hearing aid and cochlear implant manufacturers to provide updates, tips, tricks, and troubleshooting advice about their devices.
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Masterclass Series
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Session 1: MED-EL

Presented by Erica Caiuby

This presentation will introduce you to the world of MED-EL, from our history of world firsts to our current innovations as leaders in hearing implant technology. Join us to learn more about our current portfolio and our tips and tricks for success with a MED-EL device.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognise MED-EL’s current implant portfolio
  2. Identify core elements of MED-EL’s Triformance approach
  3. Employ MyMED-EL Portal to access key resources

Session 2: Oticon Medical: Supporting PontoTM Users to Achieve Their Best Outcomes

Presented by Stephanie Carrick

Ponto can provide paediatric and adult users with the hearing confidence they need to take part in school, work, and social situations. This presentation will provide hearing care professionals, teachers, parents, and educators an understanding of how they can support Ponto users to achieve their best outcomes. We’ll cover the latest outcomes evidence, how paediatric fitting tools can be tailored for each individual; practical advice on connectivity, troubleshooting, and Assistive Listening Devices; and useful support resources designed to empower Ponto users.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Review the latest clinical outcomes for Ponto 5 SuperPower and Ponto 5 Mini.
  • Describe the benefits of direct sound transmission and how this improves clinical outcomes
  • Understand paediatric features available and how to tailor them to support Ponto users
  • Learn how to support and fit FM, remote mic, and connectivity options for Ponto 5 users

Session 3: Maximising Hearing Outcomes With Cochlear Technology

Presented by Vidya Raghavan

The session will provide an overview of Cochlear’s portfolio with spotlights on the latest innovations in

• Bone conduction implant and processor: Osia 2

• Nucleus implants: Profile Plus CI632

• Nucleus Sound processor: Nucleus 8

• Connected Care: SmartNav and Remote Care

Session 3 has been endorsed from 3 November 2023 to 3 November 2024. The endorsement number is CPD2324 019 and the category and CPD points are Category 1.2 - 1 CPD point.