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FCEI: Ensuring Cultural Competence within FCEI Programs

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Key Details

Online Workshop (Zoom)
Course Code
Start Date
25 March 2021
10:30 pm – 11:30 pm

Course Information

FCEI Principles in Perspective—Exploring the Issues from Multiple Angles is the FCEI virtual-learning series. Running from February to October 2021 these live, sign-language interpreted, interactive webinars will be free to participants. Each webinar will address a topic from the point-of-view of professionals, Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults, and parents in a facilitated discussion. Q&A opportunities will be an important interactive feature of each webinar, so register early to reserve your spot!

The events will be provided in spoken English, American Sign Language, International Sign Language and English live captions.

Ensuring Cultural Competence within FCEI Programs

What do we mean by ‘cultural competence’? How can it be embedded into an FCEI program? This discussion will provide advice and suggestions for parents and professionals.


  1. Sydney 10pm
  2. London 11am
  3. New York 7am
  4. Johannesburg 1pm
  5. Vienna 12pm
  6. Denver 5am

These webinars are free to attend, and there is an option to make a donation towards the access costs. The webinars will be recorded and available on the FCEI website after each event.


There are currently no tickets available.

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