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Exploring Multisensory Communication for Blind, Low Vision and Diverse Needs Inclusion

This 3 day event provides a range of workshops for teachers, therapists, families and students.
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Key Details

Course Code
Start Date
17 – 19 June 2024
9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Course Information

This three-day workshop focuses on equipping mainstream and specialist vision teachers with inclusive multisensory approaches for blind, low vision, and diverse needs inclusion. Day 1 focuses on multisensory art and inclusive design, providing practical advice, brainstorming teacher-suggested projects, and engaging in experiential workshops. Day 2 delves into sensory science, exploring exhibits, discussing inclusive design principles and participating in hands-on activities. Day 3 shifts to a student experience, featuring a morning session with a scientist followed by an afternoon of creating science-inspired multisensory art, incorporating sound, texture, smell, vision, memory, and computer interaction. The workshop emphasises inclusive design principles in sensory science, encouraging teachers to develop exhibits that cater to diverse needs. The student experience day highlights inspiring science discussions, and springboards the creation of science-inspired art projects that cater to a wide range of abilities. The expected outcomes include a more inclusive and accessible teaching toolkit for participants, fostering a supportive and enriching learning environment for all students.

Day 1: Art Workshop for Mainstream and Specialist Vision Teachers


Multisensory Approaches to Exploring Data and Data Sensification

Approaches Used in Creating Monash Sensory Science Exhibitions

Co-Creating with Scientists

Advice and Strategies for Integrating Multisensory Approaches

Brainstorming Teacher-Suggested projects:

What to Explore and Teach: Brainstorming Ideas (Sound, Texture, Smell, Vision, Memory, Computer Interaction)

Exploring Materials and Approaches for Multisensory Projects

Experimental Workshop: Hands-on Activities: Making and Road Testing Projects

Introduction to Max Jitter and multisensory software interactions

Day 2: Sensory Science for Mainstream and Specialist Vision Teachers

Guided Exploration:

Explore Sensory Science Exhibits (Mini Exhibition)

Guided Tour and Discussion on Inclusive Exhibit Design

How Can We Design Better for BLVDN Access and What's Useful?

Experimental Workshop

Hands-on Activities: Creating Multisensory Science Exhibits

Making and Road Testing Inclusive Exhibit Ideas

Day 3: Student Experience

Introduction to Multisensory Scientific Exploration:

Interaction with a Scientist: Q&A Session

Inspiration for Multisensory Sci Art Projects

Multisensory Science Art Workshop:

Integration of Science Concepts into Art

That event will be at NextSense Central, 2 Gymnasium Road Macquarie University. Details about accommodation and getting to the new site are located here.



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