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CVI: an overview

This presentation provides an overview of CVI for professionals.
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In developed and rapidly developing countries, Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI) is the most common visual disorder in children. CVI encompasses various deficits in visual processing and perception functions, collectively referred to as higher order visual function (HOVF) deficits. Multidisciplinary assessment is essential to determine whether a child has CVI, and what HOVFs are affected. Neuropsychological assessments are an important part of this process, especially in the absence of ocular pathology and/or neurological evidence for visual deficits.

In the first presentation, we will talk about the international perspectives on CVI, Higher Order Visual Function Deficits, the role of a neuropsychologist in the assessment of CVI and some neuropsychological tools. The second presentation (date to be advised) will review assessment materials from a global perspective.



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