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Amplifon CI Counselling Workshop

In this workshop, NextSense and Cochlear Ltd recapped CI referral criteria and referral pathways and unpacked what happens after you identify a client as a potential CI candidate.

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Many audiologists are good at identifying clients who could potentially benefit from a cochlear implant (CI). These clinicians may already be confident about referral pathways for CI candidacy assessment. However, clinical hearing aid specialists may not feel so comfortable addressing clients’ questions about cochlear implantation.

Amplifon clinicians have identified that they would like more training on how to approach discussions about CIs with their clients.

In this workshop, NextSense and Cochlear Ltd will recap CI referral criteria and referral pathways. We will then start to unpack what happens after you identify a client as a potential CI candidate and raise the issue with them in the clinic.

We will help you to anticipate and respond to commonly asked questions about CIs. Then, through interactive exercises and interviews with a CI recipient, we will explore how you can equip your clients with personalised counselling and information.

This workshop is all about confidently supporting your clients as they begin this next stage in their hearing journey and learn more about what a CI might offer them.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the referral criteria for CI assessment to confidently identify clients who may benefit from cochlear implantation
  2. Confirm referral pathways for CI assessment
  3. Identify questions frequently asked by clients when a CI is raised as a treatment option
  4. Learn to confidently respond to these questions to support clients
  5. Practical tips on use of supporting materials to help counsel and educate clients about CIs and the CI assessment process
  6. Gain insight into the experience of a client who has received a CI



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