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Tips on supporting your child’s language development: Speechie Library Talks

This month, libraries around across Australia are holding workshops to share how you can support your child’s language development at home.
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Speechie Library Talks 2021

Throughout November, speech pathologists around the country, including NextSense speech pathologists, Sarah Marshall and Phoebe Barns, are participating in Speechie Library Talks to help parents and carers build their children's language and literacy skills.

The talks, organised by Speech Pathology Australia, provide an opportunity to meet a local speech pathologist and learn more about supporting your child’s development. Carers and their children are then welcome to sit down for a reading of Speech Pathology Australia’s Book of the Year winning book.

Sarah and Phoebe are joining Liverpool Library on Thursday 18 November 2021, from 11:00am to 12:00pm, for their virtual Speechie Library Talk. You can learn more and register for the event on Eventbrite here.

Sarah says she is excited to be contributing to the community and creating awareness of a topic that is close to her heart.

‘Language development is important to the building of interpersonal communication skills, allows children to understand what is happening around them, and promotes the development of the thinking and learning skills they need to solve problems,’ Sarah says.

Sarah explains that healthy language development also supports children to develop relationships within the home, school, and community settings, and that it is the first step in developing literacy skills.

She said that by joining the Liverpool library’s virtual talk, attendees will learn the importance of developing literacy skills, ways they can help build their child’s language and literacy skills and discover the resources that Liverpool library has to offer.

Allied Health services provided by dedicated NextSense staff like Sarah aim to give children quality support early in life to set the foundation for higher learning and critical life skills.

Learn more and register

To learn more and register for the Liverpool Library Speechie talk, visit the Eventbrite page here.

To learn more about the initiative and see where your nearest talk is being held, visit the Speech Pathology Australia website here.

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