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The ‘immeasurable’ impact of cochlear implants on Alan’s life

When hearing loss increased over time, Alan turned to cochlear implants when hearing aids weren’t enough. This is his story.
Alan inside his garage surrounded by his tools
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Alan rediscovered his life after receiving a cochlear implant. When his hearing loss increased over time, he became distant, withdrew from society, and to an extent—his family. At the time, Alan persisted with hearing aids despite them becoming physically painful.

But hearing aids weren't enough.

In 2017, Alan received his first cochlear implant, and a year later received his second—making him a bilateral cochlear implant recipient (a cochlear implant in both ears).

‘The impact it’s had on me—and my life—is immeasurable.’ Alan said.

Watch Alan talk about his experience with cochlear implants and explain how it’s changed his life.

Alan shares how the support of NextSense has allowed him to rediscover his life poster

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