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RIDBC students signing their way through song

The RIDBC Thomas Pattison School (TPS) students eagerly look forward to the annual Music Count Us In event.
Next Sense students sign through song
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Like previous years, the students of TPS are leading the way for other children who are deaf or hard of hearing with an Auslan performance to savour.

Led by RIDBC School Teacher Melina Williams, the students of the RIDBC TPS Signing Choir have been practicing ‘You Won’t Bring Us Down’ for many weeks.

Teacher Melina said, “The students of TPS love their music and each year look forward to the Music Count Us In song. They embrace the music, using Auslan to share it with other children who are deaf or hard of hearing too”.

Watch the TPS students perform the Auslan version of ‘You Won’t Bring Us Down’ below.

Congratulations, students!

MCUI 2020 - Auslan Translation - 'You Won't Bring Us Down' poster

This news article was created prior to 22 March 2021 when NextSense was Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC).

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