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Media release — Hyundai partnership extended

Hyundai Help for Kids continues vital support for children with hearing or vision loss through 1-year partnership extension with NextSense.
NextSense Hyundai Help for Kids partnership

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NextSense (formerly Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children) is excited to announce a partnership extension with Hyundai through to 2022, ensuring vital funding for children who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, or have low vision. The extension means the NextSense and Hyundai partnership will span eight years, after Hyundai initially began supporting NextSense (then RIDBC) in 2014.

Melissa Bergin, NextSense Director of Fundraising & Development said, “We’re so pleased to continue an outstanding strategic partnership with Hyundai. Their ongoing support has enabled us to provide life-changing services, education and memorable experiences to thousands of children and their families who need us. It also comes at a critical moment in the history of our 160-year organisation, having recently rebranded from RIDBC to NextSense to better reflect who we are, show that we’re leaders in the field, and create more opportunities for our clients.”

And the future is bright. From Bill Thomas, Hyundai General Manager – Public Relations, “We’re looking at building the partnership as best we can and supporting NextSense to make the difference for the children that need your support to give them the best start in life.”

Over the past 7 years, the partnership has directly impacted the lives of thousands of children with hearing or vision loss, and their families, by supporting NextSense Connected Services (formerly RIDBC Teleschool), funding countless camps and holiday programs, and providing vehicular support for NextSense staff travelling to and from homes and schools.

Now NextSense and Hyundai are looking to what’s next, expanding the support to NextSense Early Intervention, a service that directly impacted the lives of over 1,300 children in 2020 through a combination of in-person and remote support from a team of NextSense experts.

“We’re about to pass the $10 million mark overall for Hyundai Help for Kids donations over the last seven years, and NextSense has been an organisation who has benefited greatly from that support. Expanding our support to benefit more children at NextSense through the early intervention programs is very pleasing,” Bill Thomas said.

“NextSense Early Intervention gives children quality support early in life to set the foundation for higher learning and critical life skills. And we make sure they are happy and confident to interact with others, play, and explore the world,” Melissa Bergin said.

Both NextSense and Hyundai teams are excited for the future, and to work together to continue to redefine what’s possible for children with hearing or vision loss.

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