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Incy Wincy Spider

Our Incy Wincy Spider mobile app lets you participate in a variety of activities with your child to develop their listening and language skills.
App Icon – A cartoon spider in a stripy shirt

Developed by language, early childhood and technology experts at NextSense, Incy Wincy Spider is a highly interactive educational app designed to develop listening and language skills in young children, through play, animated games and engaging sounds.

For parents, carers and educators, Incy Wincy Spider includes techniques, including instructional videos, that allow you to customise teaching methods according to your child's language level.

Please note: games are not compatible with Apple VoiceOver screen reader.


The Ideas section provides instructional videos on how to use Incy Wincy Spider to develop listening and language skills—through interactive play, craft, and ways of singing this famous childrens' song. Ideas are grouped together depending on your child’s language level:

  • Emerging language
  • Putting words together
  • Putting sentences together.

Interactive games

There are two animated games that target different levels of listening and language skills. With your assistance, your child can choose to play a game that either consolidates or extends their current listening and language abilities. The games are:

  • Dress Incy Wincy, where you get to dress Incy Wincy to match the weather. This game expands your child’s vocabulary on different kinds of weather (sunny, rainy, snowy) and the clothes you wear for each.
  • Find the Opposites, in which you help Incy Wincy explore the backyard to find objects that are opposites, such as a tall tree and short tree.

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