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Auslan Storytime

In this app, bring story time to life with beautifully illustrated stories told in Auslan by NextSense students.
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We all love a great story!

Developed by experts at NextSense, and narrated by a NextSense student, Auslan Storytime brings stories to life for young children, particularly those learning Auslan. Each story is narrated in the student's own words and illustrated with colourful artworks by talented artists who volunteered their time.

Build your library with additional stories available for purchase through the app. Each purchase will also increase the words in your Auslan sign dictionary—to build your knowledge.

Be inspired by Auslan Storytime. Parents, carers and educators can learn how to tell their own engaging stories in Auslan, as each story is accompanied by a tips and techniques video. An Auslan user who is deaf explains how to make the story interesting for young viewers and how to make best use of Auslan grammar—so that stories can be recreated at home or in the classroom.

Need a little extra hand? You'll also have access to your own Auslan sign dictionary, which automatically saves the key signs in each story to enhance learning.

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