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Industry associations

NextSense staff hold many sector leadership roles, and are affiliated with a range of professional research organisations.
Prof. Greg Leigh is one of our lecturers at NextSense Institute

Rashmi Balakrishnan

Breda Carty

Tristan Clare

Jo Dodds

Kirsty Gardner-Berry

Frances Gentle

Inge Kaltenbrunn

Cleon Kirby

Greg Leigh

Sonali Marathe

Philip Newall

Sue Silveira

Trudy Smith

Mike Steer

  • Editor, International Journal of Orientation and Mobility
  • Editorial Consultant, Australasian Journal of Special Education
  • Coordinator, Australian and New Zealand Leaders in Vision Education Services (LIVES)
  • NSW Committee Member, International Council for the Vision Impaired (ICEVI)
  • Member, Planning Committee, 2013 International Deafblindness Conference

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