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Alison Hawkins-Bond

Alison Hawkins Bond

Alison joined NextSense Institute in August 2015 as the Professional Experience Coordinator.

Alison is a teacher of the deaf with over 30 years’ experience in the field of sensory disability in early intervention, primary and high school settings, using a range of communication modes. Alison has worked at NextSense since 2001, setting up the Connected Services (formerly Teleschool Services) for families and children with vision and hearing loss in QLD, WA, SA, NSW and NT.

More recently Alison has coordinated the early learning program for children 0-8 years of age with a sensory disability. Alison has mentored and trained teachers of the deaf, teacher aides and speech pathologist in developing child's communication. Her role as professional experience coordinator has involved supporting teachers and allied health professionals in educational, medical and support settings that provide services to children and adults with a sensory disability.

The professional experience is one of the courses students can enrol in as part of their studies at NextSense Institute. In her role as Professional Experience Coordinator, she is available to students, supervising teachers and partner organisation supervisors, throughout the students placements.


Phone number
(02) 9872 0321


  • Development of critical thinking skills to reflect on prior knowledge and practice
  • Implementation of best practice principles in early childhood intervention
  • Change management