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NDIS support coordination

Get help coordinating your NDIS plan, understanding and using your NDIS funding to ensure you have access to the services and products you need.
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NextSense is a NDIS-registered provider for support coordination.

If you have NDIS support coordination in your NDIS plan, then we can help. The role of a support coordinator is to bring together the services, products and supports you need. We can link you to local supports and help you access supports from other sources, including health and social services, local community groups and other informal networks.

Why choose NextSense for your support coordination?

We're here for you. Our experienced, caring team will work with you to:

  • provide a support network around you and your family to overcome any challenges accessing NDIS support
  • increase your independence and capacity to make informed decisions
  • help you find and engage the service providers that best suit your needs
  • connect with your local community and mainstream supports
  • help you navigate your NDIS plan – from initial activation to plan review.

How do I choose NextSense for my support coordination?

Once your NDIS plan is approved and you obtain a copy with an approved budget for support coordination, it’s easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Nominate NextSense as your provider. Contact your NDIS planner or local area coordinator and let them know you have chosen NextSense. They will then share your details with us to contact you directly.
  2. Schedule your appointment. We will contact you within five working days to arrange an initial meeting, which can be completed in-person at NextSense in North Rocks (NSW).
  3. Attend your initial meeting. During the meeting, your NDIS support coordinator will discuss your NDIS plan and get you started. At this point, you will sign a service agreement, allowing us to work on your behalf. We can then get started, helping you access the services, programs and products you need.

Still need help? Our NDIS team is ready to support you. Contact us today.

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