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NextSense Institute customises courses to focus on the needs of your school or workplace.
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Customised for context

NextSense Institute can customise courses to focus on the specific needs and context of your school and/or workplace. Courses can be delivered where you are or at NextSense Institute. We can help build your staff's capacity to improve and enhance outcomes for children and adults who are deaf or hard of hearing or who are blind or have low vision.

Topics include:

  • visual development
  • common eye conditions in children, including those that cause vision impairment
  • a visit to the eye clinic
  • understanding eye reports
  • clinical versus functional vision reporting
  • neurological vision impairment
  • update on childhood vision impairment and the Australian Childhood Vision Impairment Register
  • IMPlementing the IMP: The What, Why, Who, When and How of the Infant Monitor of Vocal Production
  • classroom and workplace acoustics
  • strategies for working with students who experience hearing loss
  • individual planning
  • disability discrimination and Disability Standards for Education
  • reasonable adjustments to curriculum, pedagogy and assessment for students with hearing and/or vision loss
  • curriculum access for students with complex needs
  • hearing habilitation to support the development of listening and spoken language
  • parent coaching techniques
  • universal design for learning and differentiated instruction.

We searched high and low for a provider in Australia to train our employees in Occupational Vision Screening. The NextSense Institute in Sydney not only provided the training for our company, the content was delivered by world-class professionals at the top of their field. Thank you Sue and Trudy, the knowledge you imparted has allowed us to better cater for our clients needs.

— Rob, Occupational Health Consultant

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