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Changing lives one flight at a time

What could be better than a scenic flight to check out lovely Launceston? Raising $65,000 to help support people with hearing and vision loss at the same time!
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What could be better than a scenic flight to check out lovely Launceston? Raising $65,000 to help support people with hearing and vision loss at the same time.

Pathfinders was established by Qantas staff more than 50 years ago as a volunteer fundraising committee to support the work of NextSense. An integral feature of the Pathfinders’ event calendar is its annual charity flight event. Each year, supporters are invited to purchase a ticket to experience a day enjoying the highlights of Australasia’s most beautiful destinations. All funds raised from Pathfinders go directly to NextSense.

The 21st Pathfinders Charity Flight took to the skies on Saturday 15 April with host, ABC personality and long-time Pathfinders supporter Simon Marnie. Simon joined NextSense President David Dinte, key NextSense staff and Board members, as well as 150 passengers and Qantas crew members.

Everyone on board was delighted to set sight on a Tasmanian jewel—Launceston— which was named Australian Town of the Year in 2022 and is one of the country’s oldest cities.

The day featured many of the things Tasmania is famous for – its fresh food, fine wine and stunning natural landscapes.

For lunch, guests were treated to an exceptional dining experience at Josef Chromy Vineyards. Nestled in a gorgeous lakeside location, the vineyards were a perfect base for guests to enjoy the afternoon and hear about the real impact of the services NextSense provides.

NextSense staff Bronwyn Greager and Rebecca Maxwell provided insights into our organisation’s lifechanging work that gave supporters a deeper perspective. And keynote speaker Natalija Lambert, a former NextSense client, performed an emotional rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Waters, changing the lyrics to thank Pathfinders and NextSense. Our talented braille production team printed the announcement of next year’s Pathfinders Charity destination—Norfolk Island—in braille for Natalija to read out to the audience.

The day also included a trip to the famous Harvest Market to wander and enjoy the local produce and home-made goods, followed by a visit to Cataract Gorge, a river gorge that dates back millions of years and is a significant site for the Palawa, the local Indigenous people. Guests could choose to make the most of the stunning surroundings by taking a chairlift ride, walking the suspension bridge above the gorge, taking a guided bush walk or just sitting and soaking in the magnificent landscape.

NextSense President David Dinte thanked all the event organisers and supporters and said: ‘I was so honoured to join this year’s Pathfinders Charity Flight to beautiful Launceston.’

Through the dedication and generosity of Pathfinders and our supporters, the more than $65,000 raised through this year’s charity flight will help NextSense go further in providing exceptional services for children and adults with hearing and vision loss.

— David Dinte, NextSense President

‘I look forward to continuing our longstanding relationship with Pathfinders into the future.’

Want to join the 2024 Qantas Pathfinders flight to Norfolk Island? To find out how you can register for the waiting list, email Darren Parmenter at

Be bold to help redefine what is possible for children with hearing and vision loss.

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